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habits top sales people have in common

What Habits Do Top Salespeople Have in Common?

The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino is one of my favorite motivational books. It is a classic. If you are not familiar with Og Mandino’s work, his tale revolves around a young salesman and his perilous plight to survive and thrive in a harsh environment.

As with every salesman’s journey, we encounter his daily struggles. And, as the story unfolds, we are introduced to 10 timeless principles that help our young protagonist recognize his innate capabilities to rise to the occasion, thereby shaping his attitude and actions, which ultimately allows him to push forth on a path towards greater success. […]

youtube for business

Here’s How to Use YouTube Correctly for Your Business

Because we really hate it when brands use YouTube “incorrectly,” consider this a public service to all businesses worldwide.

The survey below shows that 29% watched a YouTube video for or related to something they were interested in buying in the past month. Wow. (29% of how many people? It doesn’t say. But since its illustrated with cool icons, it must be true.) […]

holiday email marketing cheat sheet

Plan Your Holiday Email Marketing With This 2016 -’17 Calendar Planner Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

This Holiday eMail Marketing Cheat-Sheet and Calendar-Planner can save your arse from a lot of panic inducing frenzy that can drive anyone to the eggnog bar. Go ahead, get a head start on your holiday email marketing plan before it gets too crazy. And it WILL-GO-Crazy! […]

the history of content marketing

What You Can Learn From Sleuthing On The Forefathers of Content Marketing

Ah, content marketing, how far back does this practice go?

Here’s a brief history of content marketing that you likely didn’t know about and what you can learn from it that is very much applicable to your success today. […]